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Regal Fly Tying Vises


Regal Fly Tying Vises

"The bulldog of the bench vice". No other vise even comes close to Regal's hook holding power, simplicity and durability. The fully machined vise head contains the fewest moving parts of any vise available; the fewest parts to wear out. The Regal INEX vise probably has the fewest total parts of any vise; the fewest parts to wiggle. Regal Rotary vises are also very rigid but allow fine adjustments of jaw angles and inspection of the under side of the fly.

Color: matte black "no glare"
Limited life time warranty. Made in USA. Color: matte black "no glare"
Limited life time warranty. Made in USA.

Regal Light Weight Pedestal Vise RPS6

 Regal Rotary Clamp 

Pedestal Lightweight RPS-6 Holds hook sizes 6/0-32! Head adjusts 180 degrees up and down. Self adjusting jaws. Lifetime warrantyView/Buy


Carrying Regal's respected reputation, this vise has 360 rotation, 220 vertical movement, an adjustable tension knob and of course a lifetime guarantee. Made of an anodized black steel jaw with a tight-gripping standard clamp, you get great hook-holding power with easy to adjust features. View/Buy

  Regal Medallion

Medallion RPS-7 Holds hook sizes 6/0-32! Adjusts 220 degrees up and down. Full 360 degree rotation. Bronze base. Self ... View/Buy



. If you have warranty issues with your current model, please contact Regal Engineering, RFD 2, Tully Road, Orange, MA 01364, 978-575-0488.